Rack-mounting recent Waldorf stuff

Here’s my solution to rack-mounting a Pulse 2.

2x10mm hex nuts at the bottom two screw holes, 1x10mm hex nut at the top two screw holes, mounted to a 19" blanking plate.

This eliminates the slope of the panel, although if mounting the plate high in the rack you could retain the slope.

All that’s left to do is cut some holes above the sockets and fit some rubber grommets in them, to thread cables though for neatness.

Cool. And very pragmatic!
Heres another solution :slight_smile:

I simply don’t get all these desktop units that can’t be converted to a Rack Module. Wake up Waldorf, many would buy a 39€ Blofeld or Pulse RackMount Kit consisting of 2 bent pieces of powder coated sheet and 3 small screws….

I have the Pulse 1 already :slight_smile:

The Pulse 2 adds quite a bit, some of the sounds coming out of it surprised me. It was quite clever of them to use the CPU control lines for an 8 osc square wave mode.

Sonic State review :slight_smile:

@6581punk I didn’t realise they had done that. Sounds good, though. Plus, I can get some of those paraphonic filter-jumping sounds I used to get from my Poly-800.


I think my favourite thing is the alternate PWM wave thing. I love PWM and having more possibilities is very welcome. Plus it has high pass, band pass filter options and filter FM.

I’ve had both Pulses. The second version definitely does add a lot of features the old one didn’t have. I can see why they went with the desktop package for the Pulse 2. I imagine there are more people who do almost all their production work ‘in the box’ nowadays, and see no need for racks of external equipment. These are the kind of people who might want to add a couple of key pieces of hardware, and they’re more likely to want it next to them on the desk, that stuck in a bulky rack somewhere. I think Waldorf say this quite a while ago- the Microwave XT works great as a desktop unit.


There are a couple of nice software editors for it, too. Makes editing the fiddly bits like the Arp patterns much easier.


As Frank said though, it wouldn’t have been too hard to add some holes on the side for rack ears. The Novation Nova had removable plastic side caps for that reason.

I don’t have any flat surfaces in a convenient place in my music room for it.

I have a Nova, too :slight_smile:
Electron also sell rack mount kits for their boxes (though I suspect they’re rarely seen racked in studios).

Don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against rack-mounting equipment. I just have a suspicion it’s a dwindling market.


The other problem with products designed to work both as tabletop and rack units is the sockets.

Novation and Elektron just ignored the issue, with the result you have to leave at least 1U empty above the units when racked.

Waldorf designed the Microwave XT with a weird angled/stepped back to the case, with an overhang allowing cables to be plugged in without taking up extra space when it’s in a rack.

There are trade offs in both approaches.


Colin Fraser got it right <- see from 5:55 on

Moog did it fine with the Voyager as well, similar approach to the XT.