Rack mountable shruthi XT

Hello, I’m new to these parts but for a while I’ve even Wanting to convert my shruthi xt into a rack mountable version as I do not have a ton of desk space to have them laying on a desktop. I’m wondering how do I go about that? Who should I contact? And any ideas how to get it done without breaking bank?

Thanks! Any help would be appreciated!

The PCB is to high to fit into a standard Eurorack Case, albeit you might be able to fit it into a 3U Case.
In any way you need decent amount of Cash if you want an metal front plate.

130 € is my experience for that…(the front panel)

Hmm that 130 euros might not be too bad but I guess I have to think also about redoing the whole thing too since the output jacks are all on top. That’s almost enough to buy a whole other used shruthi-1 after all that movig round.

With my new limited space, I have found that I use this less since I don’t really have a good place to put it. I guess I have to think bout it.

Gosh I wish I was better at DIYing stuff.

Be patient my young padawan……

What is this insuating? I’m very patient, and from those words, my shruthi maybe on the chopping block if you are insuating what I think may be insinuated. Hmmmm