r1 & r2 cem3379

Why are the optional pots on the CEM3379 A100K and B10K, but the SMR-4 board requires two A10K pots?

In theory, it should be A (to get the “audio”, logarithmic feel), and the value has no importance.

A couple of points:

  • For the CEM3379 board I started from exactly the same circuit as the Shruti-1, without trying to fix or improve things (though I changed a few things later in the “CV conditioning” department)
  • The pots Alpha pots I have do not exhibit much difference between A and B. At the time I designed the Shruti-1 I used what I had at hand (A100k and B10k) and it worked well so I did not bother do more experimentation.
  • The amp circuit on the CEM3379 board is a bit different.

On this one, whatever floats your boat…