"R is for Roland" Limited edition Coffee Table Book

Electronic Beats is releasing a hardcover coffe table book on May 11th 2015 and now website is open for pre-orders

R is for Roland

“Written by Michal Matlak and Florian Anwander, R Is For Roland will feature a photography by Tabita Hub. The book highlights 23 key pieces of Roland equipment from 1973 to 1987, from iconic machines like the TB-303 and Jupiter-8 through to lesser-known instruments like the MC-202 MicroComposer and JX-3P synthesizer.”

florian gave some backgound info on this project on sequencer.de.

Pre-ordered this morning. Will complement my coffee table drum-machine book nicely!


@toneburst This is exactly how I planned while I was ordering last night :slight_smile:

Beat Box:A Drum Machine Obsession is a nice book as well

@cereyanlimusiki Yep, that’s the book.

I prefer real drum machines on my coffee table.


My coffee table is a drum machine.

Does anyone ever put coffee on a coffee table?

I tend to put it in a mug.

Then it should be called a “coffee in a mug table.”