Quickstart guide

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@joheik looks great! Incidentally, did you design the Quick Start guide yourself, or is it available for download from the MI site?


They come with the kits.

@pichenettes Ah, sorry. It’s a long time since I bought a Shruthi-1 complete kit. Any plans to produce a Quick Start for the XT version, too?


I’ll wait and see what are the most frequently asked questions regarding the XT, and will have the mini-manual done for the next batch.

I’m sorry but I can’t seem to find the mentioned Quick Start Guide?

The printed quick start guide is included with the standard Shruthi kit only.

Any chance of a download?


I approve. Keep some of the added value “MI only”; you’re sharing more than enough as it is. :slight_smile:

And seriously, the whole point is that it is printed and comes with the kit.

Do you really want that checklist about the bags of parts that came with the kit or the photo of the assembled board? Grab your favorite pages from the manual and make your own :slight_smile:

Well, if people really want that they can simply order a kit. :wink:

I do think think there might be merit in the idea of creating PDFs of the build guides, and especially the product manuals, though. Some people want to get away from the computer when soldering, and also, obviously, when operating the synth.

I’m not saying it should be a top priority, as the online build guides and manuals are more than adequate, and much easier to keep uptodate, of course.


@toneburst Most browsers include a handy “Print” feature…

we’re getting into digital-to-analog graphical tech now?

I do “print to pdf” on all my guides!

You can get very nice pdfs with printfriendly.com. Example

Hear hear. I’ve long since stopped doing PDF to dead trees though. Too much clutter already. Unless it’s some checklist I feel like marking…

I use an iPad while soldering.

Ditto these days. I was too set in my ways for a while, but yeah. I just want to doodle on my BoMs and component place drawings sometimes.