Quick Yellow Magic Question

I’ve almost finished, and though I’ve searched the instructions, there is nothing saying how to connect the two boards. I understand how the 8-pin connectors work, but what about the 6-pin? There is no 6x1 male to male connector in the BOM…should there be?

Don’t both boards have male connectors and you sandwich a double sided female between?

nope there’s no male on male involved in the yellow magic :smiley:
there should be 2 female with long leads. 6x and 8x.
you solder one of each to the filter board. you solder the male connector on the control board. then you put the second females with long leads into the first ones, and put the control board on top. cut excess lengths so it will fit.

so what is soldered to the control board at the 6 pin section? Shouldn’t the 6pin mimic the 8pin connectors?

Usualy the Digital board has male connectors a control is more or less a male thing…

@rosch By your picture, it looks like you soldered a 6 pin connector on the control board. I was just confused since I copy/pasted the BOM when I ordered parts and was left missing that.

and the normal male headers are just too short for the distance. if you get the longer arduino style stacking headers they do make contact but don’t rech far enough into the other side for my taste (although i haven’t had problems so far) so the easiest way is using one male header and 2 female headers with long pins stacked.