Quick voltage check question

Do you have to have the chips in, audio jacks in, and midi jacks in before testing voltage? I tested around a bit and those are the only things I have left to connect. Red is testing at 4.93, but my greens aren’t testing right. Thanks!

If you are testing with an external wallwart, you need to have the LT1054 inserted.

If you are testing with a eurorack cable power connector, no need for the LT1054.

Update: put everything together and it sounds great! It actually has a different sound than my original anushri that was sourced out (except for the drums, that is). One weird thing, though, LP and BP filters have REALLY low volume. If I add some fuzz I can hear the synth, but otherwise not. What’s the signal path to start checking that out?

Also, I’m hoping to do some extra soldering with adding unison or sync between the two anushris. Is there a good resource I can look up to educate myself on the process? Thanks!

> What’s the signal path to start checking that out?

I’d suggest getting a scope and comparing the waveform levels at strategic points…

Mixer output: IC10 pin 14.

Filter outputs: IC5 pin 8 (HP), IC5 pin 14 (BP), IC5 pin 1 (LP)

Thanks for the Help! It has a weeee bit lower volume on BP, but LP and HP are good to go. I’ll track down the problem tomorrow, and then on to possible modding.
Thanks again!