Quick question about uploading patches to the Shruthi

I added more memory to the patch area of my SRM4 MK1 (24LC512), and then installed the 0.97 sysex files. No problems with the upload but I only got factory patches 1-16. What did I miss? Also, I would like to install funkyfli’s bank from the patch area but I was wondering if there is a way to upload the entire bank instead of 1 patch at a time?

Oh, and on a semi-related note, has anyone ever added a numeric keypad to a Shruthi for patch selection?


The sysex file for the factory patches is this one

You don’t need to put the unit in firmware update mode to download this into it.

Great, thanks Olivier.

Everything is okay almost. Patches 17, 18, 19 show only dashes, all other patches are fine. Do you think there could be a problem with the chip? A bit nore experimenting. I loaded one of funkyfli’s patches into location 17 and it showed the name of the patch but when I turned the encoder to 16 and back to 17, the patch name was dashes again.

Try reducing the transmission delay? I think what happens is that the Shruthi is still finishing writing the last patch in the internal eeprom (which is horribly slow) and doesn’t catch up with the first packet that needs to be written in external memory.

Reducing or increasing. I increased it to 300ms and that seems to have worked. Thanks.

Oops sorry, increasing :slight_smile:

There’s always something new here. I tried loading one of funkyfli’s patches into location 145, which is all dashes. The patch loads, but as soon as I change to another patch and then come back to 145, it is back to dashes. I had a look at my 4PM, which I didn’t think had been upgraded, and the last patch is #464, which is the same as the upgraded SMR4. Not only that but the patches on the 4PM from 129 to 464 are all labeled User but on the ugraded SMR4, patches 129 to 144 are labeled User and from 145 to 464, they are just dashes. Do I need to somehow tell the SMR4 there is extra memory? Increasing the delay (so far up to 400ms) has not helped.

The individual patches in my banks are loaded into the buffer. So you need to save them first before you change to another patch. The .mid bank files automatically save into bank 2 (patches 129 - 256)

Oh. I’m using C6 to load the sysex, should I use something like Reaper to load the .MID file then?

Reaper should work. If you run on Windows I wrote a .NET bank manager for the Shruthi called ShruthiFi. It should be on the forum somewhere :slight_smile: It makes it much easier to audition, arrange and upload the sounds you want.

forum link

funkyfli, that worked, at least for sending patches. I can’t seem to get it to grab patches from the Shruthi but managed to send your collection to the Shruthi. Thanks! Since it seems my 4PM also has extra memory (couldn’t remember if that was a feature), do these patches work on the 4PM too?

I went through the patches, wow, nice work! Thanks funkyfli! Those really show off some of what the Shruthi can do, very impressive.

:slight_smile: Thanks. They should work with the 4PM but won’t use the extra options.