Quick question about MIDI ports on Shruthi XT (v1)

Building another XT and rather than soldering all of the pins, can anyone tell me which MIDI pins I need to actually hook up?


Info is in the schematics.

That’s true, thanks Adrian. Wish I was better at reading schematics, that’s why it doesn’t occur to me to check there first. Looks like the ground is only needed on one of the ports.

Right, GND only to the output, on the input side its not connected by design to prevent Groundloops

Makes sense, thanks again.

A little question about midi! (Could not find the reply on the web)

Does somebody know how much time a transmitter device should let between two of his midi messages (of 960 microseconds each) to insure that the midi receivers will not lose the second message?

Sorry if it is not exactly in the topic(i don’t want to make a new topic just for that!)

0 - everything else is against the idea of synchronicity; thats what input buffers are for :wink:

So, 0 between the stop bit and the start bit!

The midi controller that i’m building is happy! He can send burst of messages !
Be ready little Buffers :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply!

If in doubt

0 in an ideal world.

In the real world, you’ll meet plenty of vintage synths with 16 bytes RX buffers that are flushed every 5ms; or devices which process MIDI in their UART RX interrupts (!) with a looooooong switch/case for all CCs() and some CC handling code involving floating point divisions (!) running on a 8-bit micro () the whole thing taking 3ms to complete (!) and causing people to give up on MIDI and go modular (???)

So be kind and add some data thinning code :slight_smile:

Whats the CV input buffer size on Ripples? :wink:

^- Official candidate for the most ridiculous question of the day!

8.4µs for the cutoff CV. The actual size is 0603 :smiley:

How do you calculate that? Currently looking at the TL07x data sheet….

It’s the low-pass filter on the CV mixer for the cutoff control. Time constant of a 15k and 560pF cap.

I was guessing it get’s sampled every now and then (I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming round…)

You might mix things up with another module? On Braids, the CVs are sampled once per audio buffer.

Yup, I realized I was talking out of my derrière even more than usual, but I saw it as a great way to insert a random snippet of the lyrics to Total Eclipse of the Heart just because. It would also explain the time given, but not on Ripples.

@piscione - Ah a mark of maturity - you run up against something you don’t know, pause, & ask people who do know. that’s what I should have done before I did this (see below) It worked though! (it was late and I really wanted to finish so I could get tweaking…)

I think that’s the first time anyone has mentioned the word “maturity” and my name in the same sentence, thanks @bendy_john. After building 2 XTs and now on my third, repairing another and building 2 basic Shruthis, I have finally learned to look before I leap.

As a wise man once said: