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Hi everybody! i first want to apologise for my ignorance! i would like to know something about the Shruthi Analog programmer. Isee there are two inputs and two outputs, is it possible to process audio using the filters of the synth? Thank you

What’s a Shruthi analog programmer?

Sorry again i dont understand wich is the name of this device

V’cent and Toneburst
Thank you very much

Shruthi XT
At least that’s the name it went by - I don’t know if any are being produced by anyone anymore.
There’s a long discontinued product called Sidekick, that allowed you to run external audio trough the filter board of a Shruthi, although I’ve never had one, so I can’t comment on whether or not it will do what you want.

okt hanks, so, wich is the function of the inputs?

Search around the forums for shruthi xt, I’m sure someone detailed exactly what it did.
Heh, I still have my little green board somewhere for turning one of my shruthii into an XT.
Hmm… Gotta get around to doing that, sometime.

All Shruthi-1 filter flavours allow external audio to be passed through the filter and VCA.

The Shruthi-XT (renamed Phoenix) is still available at Tubeohm .


“Shruthi-1” and extended version “Shruthi-XT” can use input for ANY audio (mono)
to run trough filters and other synth modulations.

Even DIY “SID” synths" SID is (Sound Interface Device)
by: MOS Technology from Commodore 64/128
Easy to build: Sammich SID (2 SID chips = 6 oscillators)
Challenging to build: Wilba 6582 (up to 8 SID chips = 24 oscillators)
(Wilba 6582 is actually MidiboxSID but ingeniously designed board
to put all components on one PCB)

Each SID 6581/8580 have 3 oscillators and they all can use oscillator 3 to run any audio input same as Shruthi-1 & Shruthi-XT :wink: