Questions for first shruthi1 building

hello mutable community,

my name is romain i m from france actually living in italia,passionned by electronic music,
i folllow this very active community with is a lot of interesting :slight_smile:

I am new in diy world,and i d ask some questions to you about some points of building shruthi1.
project to build two of these one polyvoks and one digital/fx filter board,
at the moment i am in part sourcing process:

i d know if this display will fit (i like it remains me my game boy )

another question is about,how to programm the atmega chip,is it possible with an arduino uno,how difficult is it for a newbie (but motivate to learn)?
can i flash ATMEGA 328P-PU, ATMega644p, AT24C128B with the same cip programmer?

thanx to all of you for sharing all those ressources

The display you linked to will work.

The Eeprom doesn’t need a programmer - it contains the presets and they can be loaded by SysEx.

Some people have successfully programmed the Atmega with an arduino - I’ve never done it though, so I can’t help you. I believe investing in an official AVR programmer is worth it if you plan to build more DIY projects.

thanks for the quick answers :slight_smile:

yes i plan other diy project,and to learn more about electronics and programming
that why was thinking about the arduino cause it s maybe more possibility than a one function thing
or may be arduino is not all in abox as avr programmer is and requires more knowledge.