Question for y'all regarding filtering MIDI messages

My Roland A90, which has all sorts of great features, seems to be screwing up my iPod/Alesis IO dock combination. I was getting all sorts of stuck notes. I noticed the MIDI stream monitoring lights on my MIDI patchbay are either constantly flashing or constantly on for the ports from the A90 so I used a MIDI monitoring app on the iPod to find out what was being transmitted. Turns out the constant stream is a bunch of MIDI Active Sensing messages and the intermittent stream is MIDI clock.

I’m not sure if this is causing the iPod to choke but there really is no need for these messages to be sent. From what I’ve been able to find out, it is not possible to turn off the transmitting of the Active Sensing messages, which is really stupid on Roland’s part if you ask me. So, I’m wondering it is possible to buy or build four MIDI filters that will remove some of this crap.


Never mind. It does the same thing with the Kurzweil, should’ve checked that before posting. It’s either caused by the iPad (not iPod, I really need to get more sleep) or the IO Dock.

You can use the MIDIpal to filter the active sensing messages. It used to be a dedicated app in previous MIDIpal firmwares, then it got removed for a while, but now I think it is back (haven’t had a chance to check yet myself). See bottom of this thread.

I updated the IO Dock to the latest firmware, which helped for some apps but not all. It doesn’t seem to be caused by the stream of useless messages coming from the A90, but it is irritating because the status lights on the MIDI patchbay really mean nothing as long as the messages are being sent by the A90. What was Roland thinking? It’s not so bad including the functionality but having no way to turn it off was stupid.

It is actually pretty standard to send midi clock all the time, you may be able to turn it off using some combination of “Local control : off” or “external seq/clock : on” :confused:

I’m slowly figuring out that music on an iPad may not be ready for primetime. I have problems with stuck notes even with the Kurzweil, which is not sending out any useless messages. The iPad might be okay in the studio or for fooling around a bit but using it in a live situation would be stressfull.