Question: Any ideas on hardware samplers with slice abilty

Hi all,

I do wonder if you guys do have some gear tips or recommendations for hardware samplers with slice ability.

Something like sample a breakbeat and then it will be automatically sliced into various different parts, depending maybe on the velocity or simply time based.

I do own some gear who has those abilities, like the Korg ESX-1 can do it, or the yamaha RS7000 is capable of doing so, but I would like some dedicated machine with maybe individual outputs.

I also do own a SP 404, I think this one lacks the ability or at least doesnt support an easy way of doing so, and my vintage Akai S900 does not have it as well, as far as I know.

Feel free to teach me for the better or recommend some gear, maybe some more advanced akai system like 2000 or newer have those abilities, in my first search attempts I couldnt find out, that is why i try different forums to get a better idea.

Thanks for reading.
Best wishes.

Check out 1010’s blackbox, that might just do what you want.

There is also the Octatrack of course, but I would be careful with it :smile:

thanks for the tip, i hadnt that one in my sight.

I should have been more clear, I am looking into vintage gear, prizerange could also be up to 500€ like the 1010 but something more dedicated hardware in it like the akai s950, so maybe a predecessor or the e-mu series.

Back then they simply had better engineering along the whole thing, i mean whole schematics and big and robust designs, and most important one firmware which worked all the time :slight_smile: and not updates everywhere.

So maybe someone in here has some practise with some vintage hardware samples with good slice abilities.

Thanks a lot.