Question about the 4.7 uF NP caps

The BOM has the NP caps at digikey as the Elna ones but those are standard polarized caps with a negative marking instead of the all black ones at Mouser. Is this normal and can they be fitted either way?

Crap - I’ll remove them from the BOM. On the Shruthi the silkscreening on the PCB was such that you could use unipolar if you followed the marking. Here, there’s nothing to help you since I use a different Eagle part. Which voicecard is this for?

The only one for which polarity could be a problem is the AC-coupling cap between the DAC and the filter (name depends on the filter board). The (+) must be on the same side as pin 6 of the DAC. The other one, between the filter output and the VCA has a negligible DC offset, and that only in pathological cases.

I’m working on SVF boards. So + towards the DAQ and whatever on the other one?

I’m also pretty sure its on the other boms as well seeing I have a strangely large supply of the elna parts.