Question about some paramters Shruthi has, Ambika not

Did you get rid of the Lfo Attack because of menu structure or lacking place in the OS?
would be quite nice for pads.

I’m really missing to be able to modulate Lfo 1/2/3 as well. just for flexibility
also tune of osc1 or osc2
and sustain?

and the “>>4” and">>8" - do they sound uninteresting with polyphony, or is it implemented in an other way or no more place in the OS?

  • LFO attack can be done with modifiers: multiply or attenuate an LFO by an envelope and you have a slowly increasing LFO. That’s the point of having more envelopes and more modifiers :slight_smile: Originally the Shruthi did not have modifiers (“operators” on the Shruthi), so there was no way of getting this. I prefer this kind of modular setup than pre-wired options.
  • Modulating LFO 1 / 2 / 3 is not possible because they are shared by all voices. That’s a side-effect of polyphony… If you route note velocity to LFO 2 rate and play a 3 notes chord, which velocity value should be used? Things are different for LFO 4 because it is individually evaluated and desynchronized for each voice, so each note is played with a different LFO value. That’s why only this LFO is available as a mod source.
  • Tune for OSC1 and OSC2 can be modified of course. You still have osc1, osc2, ~1+2 and vibr as modulation destinations.
  • I have already answered about sustain modulation. Note that you can use modifiers to scale envelopes too.
  • >> 4 and >> 8: come on, you have a continuously variable bitcrushing effect on the mixer page, isn’t it much better than 2 fixed options?

ah, ok!
thanks a lot!
I have to dive in a lot more into the modifiers so!

I thought (I may be completely wrong) that I could use the attack value to delay the start of the lfo, respectively start from another point of the curve or similar?
what I was interested in in practice is: envelope triggers lfo and lfo starts delayed. lfo with very low rate.

tune I was asking for because of very subtle detuning, when using osc1 or osc2, the max value would be about 5, so not so much possibilities for the microtuning. but I think, I would be ok with it as it is. I’m a spoiled modular user… :smiley:

so there is no way to have freerunning LFOs for different voices… all voices are simultaneously modulated by the single LFO in polyphonic modes?

LFO 1/2/3 are common to all voices. LFO 4 is free-running on each voice. Decide wisely which modulation you want to use them for :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick response!

also thank you for including the option of an unlocked free-running LFO in the design!