Question about Shelves

Appologies if this is covered elesewhere (i didn’t see anything).
Does Shelves come with the expander already? If not where to buy? :wink:

Shelves and the expander are separate products, sold by the same network of dealers.

ok, my dealer doesn’t have it listed. i will ask…

I have some in stock so they can order a few from me :slight_smile:

Going there this afternoon, so I will let them know if they don’t already have it in stock :wink:

Another question: Is Shelves self oscillating with high Q?
Does it track V/Oct?

> high Q?


> Does it track V/Oct?

It’s close to 1V/Oct, but there is no trimmer and temperature stabilization.

> high Q?

It does if you put an offset into the Q CV. But it doesn’t give you a clean sine nor track well, and will act erratically (which is precisely what I love about it :wink:

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Yes, the tricks to make it stable at high Q would distort the signal at low Q. Nice for a filter, but it wouldn’t work in the case of Shelves in which the filter output has to be subtracted or mixed with the original signal (so it needs to be very linear to work well).