Question about modifying MIDIpal Dispatcher code

Is it possible to modify the Dispatcher code to have the first two notes sent to the first MIDI channel, then each successive note sent to the next MIDI channel? For example, notes 1 and 2 are sent to MIDI channel 1, note 3 is sent to MIDI channel 2, note 4 to MIDI channel 3, and so on?

Oberheim’s TVS Pro has both SEMs on the same MIDI channel so I’d like the first two notes to stay with the TVS, with additional notes routed to other synths/MIDI channels - in this case additional SEMs. The code as is seems to work okay with the TVS Pro on channel 1, and one additional SEM on channel 2, but adding another on channel 3 starts to be problematic, at least in my trial and errors. I’m hoping this modification would solve that.

Thanks, in advance!

Yes it’s possible. So basically you want a change to the note stealing algorithm, right?
If you can wait a couple of weeks I could probably do it - assuming you’re still interested after 18 days…

Yes, I am still interested and appreciate the help. I’m not 100% sure this will do what I want it to do but it’s worth a try. Thanks!

hi again - sorry I don’t check this discussion so often…
Could you explain a bit better what you want to do?
You say notes 1 and 2 to channel 1, and then all future notes to successive MIDI channels, right?
But how many? Would you set this with the polyphony command? Is only channel 1 “special” in that it takes the first two? What happens if you release - does it go back to channel 1 or is it cyclic - so it rolls through all channels but always dispatches twice to channel?
If you send me a message maybe we link through e-mail - faster response on my side!