Question about Midipal User Program Select

I know I am on a roll. Im a little confused about selecting a user program. I see that the when the number is bracketed ( [1] [2] [3]) the rule is active and you can freely switch between the rule settings which is cool. What purpose is the selection then? Just to lock the rule so it cannot easily be changed? From the manual I was expecting the unbracketed number to indicate that the rule was in effect and the bracket/selection menu to simply pass midi thru… In use I think id prefer to keep the bracket behavior and then indent would simply bypass the rules engine and pass midi data unfiltered…

The MIDIpal UI works like this:

  • Parameter in brackets: turn the encoder to edit it.
  • Parameter not in brackets: turn the encoder to scroll through the list of parameters.

It turns out the user program app has only 1 parameter so there’s no scrolling through parameters - hence nothing happens in the second case. But maybe at some point it’ll have more parameters and it’ll make more sense.

I like sticking to uniform UI rules / behaviours - even if there are some corner cases where this makes things a bit weird.

Noted… thank you! EDIT: played with it a little more and got bypassing working how I like it… it was USER ERROR

A little background on my application: I have a midi guitar that is basically stuck on a given midi channel, and I am using the midipal rules to dynamically change what synth I am playing live. I’d love to be able to rip a 16 bar midi solo and then just flip the knob to turn that off to go back into the verse or whatever.