Question about input jack on Shruthi

I’m wiring the jacks on the Shruthi to jacks on the body of my XT and noticed some continuity surprises. There are two strips of metal running across the tops of both the input and output jacks, terminating in solder lugs on the bottom that attach to the PCB. No surprise there. On the output jack, there is no continuity between the two strips, but on the input jack, the two strips are essentially continuous, tip connected to sleeve. The last time I used the input jack it seemed to work so I’m wondering if this is normal, although I’m not sure how it could be.

its a switching jack… if you plug in a plug the switch is open.

I just thought of that and was going to test it. I suppose I can assume both are switching but only the input jack is wired for the switch to have any effect. I can also assume that the input jack on my other XT is not going to work because I did the same thing on it.

Thanks again Frank.

it’s for shutting down the input for as long as nothing is connected.

That is what I figured. I put pots on mine anyways.