Question about freeze on Clouds

Hello, I’d like to get Clouds, but I have a question,
can anyone tell me if using Clouds I could get the freeze effects that you can get using an Electro Harmonix Freeze stompbox? (of course, with proper interfacing between guitar and modular).
this is an example of the stompbox:

thank you

Yes, but it won’t sound exactly the same. The point of Clouds is that it will allow you to control the “texture” of the frozen sound (grainy, glitchy, smeary…), and of course transpose it / mess with it. There’s no magic setting that makes it sound good with everything.

thank you.
Of course Clouds will be much more versatile than the Freeze, and I believe to get that effect I’d need some other modules too, but the good thing is that Clouds seems to be a good starting point for that effect