Quartz from reichelt + TO filter

Hello all,

After a successful Shruthi built (from the kit with SMR4 from the shop) and a few repair (A juno and some power supply section of two synths) I decided that I should try to source my own Shruthi kit.
I ordered everything I could from Reichelt, so I am left with S1-S6 caps and Edit1-4 pots and knobs that I need to find somewhere else.
First thing, I guess these are used and not on Reichelt because they are meant to fit on the official case right? I will make my own case so I guess I can, order any 10k pots with the right size and other switches that fits?
Second thing, I read somewhere that the capacitance of the quartz sold at Reichelt is too high compared to the one from Digikey or Farnell. As I did not want to place order from 3 different sites I took the one from Reichelt anyway. So what exactly should I do to make everything work? I found on the forum that I should order some 32pf capacitors. Should I just replace C9, C6 and C7 (19pF caps) into 32pf ceramic caps?

I have chosen the Ladder filter from TubeOhm and I am very excited about how it will sound! I wanted to source this filter too, but after a lot of calculations, I found that it would definitely be a lot of work for like 5euros saving. Beside, ordering the kit from TubeOhm is also a way to say thank you for the work!

I used Reichelt quartzes in 3 Shruthis with 32pf ceramic caps and all is fine. But you better take a look in the spec sheet, nobody can know when a supplier changes his manufacturers. A good advise from my side: i would better stick to Mouser, as they sell al in all better quality. And if something is not in stock, they deliver as soon as it is available without more costs. Reichelt just cancels those parts in your order which are not available and you have to re-order them and pay shipment, of course…

Thanks for your anwser @nightworxx.
I’ll buy some 32pF caps to match this quartz (this is the one I got from reichelt, the datasheet states a capacitance of 32pF)

Hi, sorry you can take 33pF. This is correct on the PCB. If you use the quartz from reichelt you need to use 33pF if you user the quartz from Mouser you need 18…22 pF.
Take a look into the data sheet. If for example a Reichelt cristal works with 18…22 pF in 95 % it works ,but it can be that the digital communication under bad conditions between MOBO and VOICECARD break sometimes.
This is a ’ CAN-BE’ not a must be. This because the Oscillator runs with a little other frequency than the MOBO. So better use the 33pf caps for reichelt cristals and the 22pF for the MOUSER/DIGIKEY and FARNELL cristals