Quantize CV based on a MIDI chord with Yarns

Is it possible play a polyphonic chord on a midi keyboard and use the output from Yarns to quantize a CV sequence ?

What module could you combine with Yarns to do this? Or if it’s the wrong approach what non-Yarns module should be considered?

An example setup is that you could have a CV sequencer like Make Noise Rene generating a sequence in C Major, going into the quantizer’s CV input, along with the four CV’s from Yarns. Then from your Midi keyboard you could control the quantization by doing one of the following:

A) Play 1 note (D) and the sequence is transposed to D Major.
B) Play 3 notes (D, F, A) and the sequence is quantized to only use those three notes of the D-minor chord.
C) Play 2 notes (D & F) and the sequence is transposed to the D minor key.
D) Play anything on the keyboard, and the quantizer figures out which key you’re playing in an quantizes to that key

Are any of those options supported with Yarns + some other module? Or a non-Yarns solution?

I can’t think of any module that could collaborate with Yarns to do that.

I could do this with Audulus running on an ES-8 (or two) but I think yarns would actually be a little extra. Just using Audulus (or Pd or Max/MSP) and a bluetooth keyboard would be a simpler way to dynamically quantize a sequencer signal.

FYI, so far I’ve found two modules related to this task:

Squarp Hermod - Looks like it may do A, B, & C (but not D). Also does a lot more, maybe a bit heavy weight.

Bastl 1983 - May do something like D, but harmonizing with a CV input instead of the Midi input. Not released yet.

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Oh yeah, the hermod can do tons of stuff!

FYI, Squarp verified that Hermod can NOT do my cases B, C, D.

Instruo QPQ used to do this, but has been discontinued.

Bastil told me their 1983 will not do this, at least in v.1.