Quantiser / Scale and Atenuverter MI modules

I’m verry interested in MI modules. i love there versatility.
But i can be little confuse with all the alt firmewares and lot of modes.
So I have two questions :

I’m looking for an alternative of shades. What MI modules can act as atenuverter in addition of other mode . Is there an alt firmeware or an option to turn one segment of stage into an atenuverter ?

I’m looking also for an alternative for Ornament and Crime. What MI module or alt firmeware can be turned into a scale/quantiser, idéaly with 3/4 voice. Is there a MI module that can generate CV scaled chord from a single CV?


You might try Blinds. You should know, though, that Shades and Blinds are analog modules, so there are no alternative firmwares (or any firmwares) as I understand it.

As far as quantizers, Braids has a built in quantizer that works for Braids, but doesn’t output a quantized CV.

Good luck! I am sure others will chime in with good ideas.



Forget about modes and alternate firmwares. Buy the module that performs the function you need. If this module is not available from Mutable Instruments, buy from another brand!

Sûre, i just wanted to be sure i am not missing one from mutable.