Quality line-level USB audio interface

Is there a simple, small, high quality, class-compliant USB-powered line-level stereo in, stereo out audio interface available out there?

The RME babyface?

The Babyface is cool, but comes with a lot of additional inputs and features (XLR, mic preamps, etc.) that I don’t want nor need.

Basically, I’m looking for an interface that allows me to use an iPhone as a basic two-track recorder.

Maybe I should just grab a Behringer UCA202. Any opinions?

I never tried it with an iPhone but my zoom h1 also works as USB audio interface. I wouldn’t call it high quality though.

True. But maybe I should settle for “decent” as everything “high quality” seems to come with a million features on top. :wink:

Grabbing a H1 might also make sense for this use case. Good suggestion.

It also works on battery so that would make sense… But do check that for audio interface operating it might be needing USB power.
And maybe other better portable recorders might also offer this function.
I m really happy with my h1 because it’s so lightweight and cheap I can always carry it around.

@shiftr Can the H1 be powered through USB?

Just checked it on my macbook and it works on USB without a battery. That makes me think it needs to be USB powered. I could check it on my ipad this evening.

Really? the H1 works as an audio interface? Need to try that!

You might need to update the firmware for that…(sort of remember something like that).
When you connect it to USB the display flashes between [CARD] and [AUDIO]. The trick is to hit the red button at the right time.

whut? h1 as usb audio interface? i had no idea!
is it core midi compatible and also works on an ipad?
must try this, too…

More infos here: www.zoom.co.jp

@t2k: check the latest Roland audio interfaces, especially the smaller one

I use the UCA202 and its ok enough.

I tested the Zoom H1 with the ipad and it works but only with a powered hub in between…

That’s a shame. What iPad model did you use?

The New Ipad … i think that’s 3 right? and now old :slight_smile:

wow, i just did the h1 update, and not only did it add the new (to me) audio interface function, but it also fixed the old stereo (im)balance bug (where one channel was recorded at a higher level than the other)! excellent tip, thanks!

re ipad compatibility: i tried with my ipad air and found what shftr said. the ipad recognizes the audio interface but refuses to play with it because it draws too much current. this seems to be typical ios behavior with a lot of usb devices and usually can be helped by using a powered usb hub (i don’t have one here, but shiftr already said it works with such a hub).