Q: anybody using an Icon QCON PRO?

Hi folks,

as i am going to re-organize my studio, i decided to get rid of my BCF 2000 DAW controller.
These motorfaders are driving me mad and the Mackie protocol implementation is really questionable for Logic. As i am limited in my budget, i stumbled over the Icon QCON PRO, but reviews are quite ambivalent. It seems to be a burner…except: some state that the fader resolution seems to be 7 bit, which quite ridicolous in a mix. Other people state that with the newer firmware it should be 10 bit as the Mackie Control. But i could not find a confirmation of this anywhere, at least not on the homepage of Icon. And this raises suspicions in me, as any manufacturer would brag about this feature in his controller. And this is the point, where i would like to ask you, if any in this forum actually does use it or ever has.

Have you seen the new Behringers ?
The BCF is indeed a pita… The BCR is great though. What i’ve seen from Icon so far it’s that it are really cheaply produced stuff. For a similar price of course. Makes behringer look top of the bill.

I would never ever go again for a Behringer controller, cause their software sucks greatly. They never really got anything finished. And when it comes to Icon keyboards and such, i do absolutely agree. But the QCON PRO (at least the later series) are really sturdy and i never heard anybody complaining about the workflow and MC protocol implementation. I am absolutely aware that this not a SSL Nucleus or such, but on the other hand the Mackie MCU Pro is absolutely overpriced. But i am concerned ending up with a fader resolution which gives me 1,5 db steps in a mix !

I read on another forum that it’s 7 bit… so this could be the case. But don’t take my word for it.
I was pretty happy with the updates on the BCR and F’s … Even getting new functions like the mackie emulation mode. But i don’t know how support is at the moment. I’m using my korg nanokontrols now mostly for transportability.

Maybe this Livid is nice

Ahem - no !
This is the typical pseudo-DJ portable crap. Has no metering view, no lcd, no transport andsoon…
This is exactly what i would never buy, as i want to do serious work with it and no do any kind of “Flickschusterei”.

OK so not that than… I can’t compare them since i have not used them but i expect the LIVID to be a lot more solid than something build by ICON. I think if you really do serious work you have to look at the serious manufacturers and skip all the budget ones.

Wat nix kost dat is auch nix™ - so i guess you will have to just buy the Mackie thing if you don’t want to got the new Behringer way. I just once touched the QCon Pro at MusicStore and then passed by……

I finally managed to get one for testing. We’ll see if its fitting or not…