Putting together an EP, need feedback

I’m currently putting together a little EP since I’m “closing” the rumpelfilter project in favour of other things. The EP is basically a collection of tracks I’ve made in the last year, (many of them made using the Shrut(h)i-1 btw.). I’m not sure which tracks to include, and which not…or if the tracks are even any good at all, so I seek your advice and feedback.
Should you find the time to listen trough this set here:

I’d love to know the following things:

  • which tracks should be kicked out?
  • which tracks are nice, but need more work?
  • How is the mix/mastering of the tracks?
  • would you download this EP for free? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

I forgot one thing (as fellow shruthibuilder Muldee just pointed out) that I have not specified how many tracks I would like to include in the EP. I was actually thinking about 4-5 tracks, but of course this highly depends on how the tracks “work” if the general response is: keep them all, then I can also just include them all… That’s one of the reasons why I’m looking for feedback.

Ooh… This is hot!
I come to think of Gigi D’agostino’s experimental stuff (that’s a good thing) :slight_smile:
Very interesting sounds and atmosphere…

Best songs first, least best songs last:

Plant 9 from Outer Space (Killer Aloe Credits Music)
Morire da Seppia RMX
crying in the distance
Bathroomindustries (work in progress)
In sospensione
Putzfrau RMX
Atari Punk Flashlights

Hi! Thanks a lot for the feedback and the nice words! I don’t know Gigi D’Agostino’s experimental stuff… guess I only know his commercial work, and that scared me off :smiley:
Thanks for the ranking list, very useful to me, may I ask you one more question: what makes Plant 9 from Outer Space 1st and Atari Punk Flashlights last?

Here is my list (with my ideal track order):

1 - Morire da seppia
2 - Crying the distance
3 - Putzfrau
4 - In sospensione

I believe these four tracks have the “same” sound to be putted together in your EP. The remaining three are in some way different, sound different.

With a good mastering the four tracks will sound perfect together.

s.: in “morire da seppia” is Carmelo Bene or is it you who spells? :smiley:

thank you too for the feedback!
I agree, there is a bit of difference between the tracks, this is mainly due to the fact that they have been made in different times, with different purposes. Plant 9 was part of a film soundtrack, where I wanted to capture a bit of a B-Movie and John Carpenter feeling, other tracks like Bathroom Industries or Atari Punk Flashlights are more recent and are more experiments than real tracks.
I was thinking about making a kind of “resumee” of the last years by putting out a bit of an heterogeneous album… but what you say is correct, keeping the stil consistent might be a good idea.
I would include Plant 9 anyway… since it’s the track people usually like the best (and which I worked most on)

Morire da Seppia was originally written and recorded with two friends of mine Armin and Matteo, with a project we called Prosimian Dirty Dancing. The voice at the beginning is Armin, in the second half you can hear me with Matteo. But I agree, it somehow sounds like Carmelo Bene… which is a good thing imho!

Well, I’m non electronic music oriented, but I do love Crying the distance due to de crescendo in intensity and complexity, with the incremental layering of the piece.

Good music, in any way.

Well, ok… It’s a bit of a stretch with the Gigi-connection… It was just a feeling I got, hehe.

So, the track I liked the least, Atari Punk Flashlights. It’s not bad, just that the style and the sounds don’t appeal to me. :slight_smile:

Let us know when you’re done with the EP, definitely want this in my collection.

yep I will let you know. Glad you like it! :slight_smile:
In the meantime I have completely re-done the first track, Crying in the Distance, I’m still working on the details, but I have uploaded a version on soundcloud and updated the set. You can check it out here: http://snd.sc/k3kMeQ. Btw. the bassline in the end was made using the Shruthi-1 (with SMR-4 Filterboard) using mainly squarewaves and the 8bit wavetable