Putting the knobs on a completed Anushri

This is possibly my last question about the Eurorack Anushri build.

I just wanted to know if the knobs should just be pushed straight on to a fully assembled completed Anushri ?

Will the spacing be OK ?

Did anyone put something under the knobs between the bottom of the knob and the panel to space it slightly away from the panel
or do the knobs just seat in the correct position as is ?

Just don’t want to make a mistake at this point as it’s the last step ; also the knobs are very difficult to get off i have heard…

Push the knobs down as far as you like. They fit pretty snugly, so they will stay there. If they rub on the surface of the case, it’s not a big deal to pull on the knob to provide a little gap. Go for it!

I ended up using some stiff plastic just under the knob cut to go around the shaft.

Ensured a perfect spacing !

Many thanks to everyone in every thread i posted in for the help with this project.