"Push" sequences to the Anushri

Hi all,
I can’t really tell if this is possible from the MIDI implementation or the manual.
Let’s say I want to store a collection of yummy sequences for my Anushri inside of a Reaper “song”.

I can push the Record button on the Anushri, and play a sequence in my DAW. The Anushri will record it. Then I push Rec to finish the sequence.

But there are a few commands that I can’t do from the DAW. I have to be standing in front of the Anushri - “Press drums to input a rest in the sequence” and “Press Hold to input a tie in the sequence”.

Is there a way I can send CCs or some sort of command from a DAW to the Anushri (via MIDI) to a) turn on REC, b) input a rest remotely, c) input a tie remotely, and d) turn off REC?


No, this is not possible.

The best you could do would be to create the sequence on the Anushri and then record a SysEx dump of it in your Reaper project. Then play back one of these SysEx dumps to the synth to load the sequence back into it.

Oh of course. There it is on the last page of the manual!

Is there formatting to the Sequencer payload? Like could I hex edit the Sysex to send sequencer info instead of having to transmit and receive the dump of all internal settings? Maybe I should have a look at the firmware code…

This is explained at the very end of the manual. When you do a SysEx dump, the Anushri sends several SysEx blocks, each of them corresponding to an “object” (SystemSettings, Patch, SequencerSettings, Sequence - part 1, Sequence - part 2).

Which means that you can actually erase the first 3 blocks and only retransmit the 2 last blocks.

Cool. I will play around with this and see what happens!