Purchased a used Rings, is something not quite right?

Hi all,

When I was starting my eurorack system I quickly racked up a bunch of MI modules… a few were bought new, and a few bought used. Something has always struck me about the Rings module that I bought:

I use the input all the time, but if I try connecting V/oct and strum to my beatstep for example I just CANNOT get the same type of sound that I see in any example video on youtube. If I use the inharmonic strings mode on the Plaits module I have (purchased new), that sounds very nice (and normal.) One last thing I checked was to just load Rings up in VCV Rack. The VCV Rack version of my module sounds… completely different.

Here is a short video sending the same simple sequence in and adjusting the knob positions and modes. If anyone wants me to create a different video with anything specific please let me know, I’m happy to do so. Video: Rings.. normal or no? - YouTube

I think the thing that makes me a little suspicious is just how buzzy the brightness knob is: is this normal?

This is an original MI module not a clone, so if you guys think I do have something wrong here let me know. I’d hate to just sell it to someone else if there really is something wrong with it, and maybe I am just doing something wrong.

Thank you for any advice!

Edit: Pichenettes responded even though I deleted to cover my tracks :P. Yes, I checked another post and saw your instructions to get out of easter egg mode. Tried it and sure enough that was it. Thank you! I stayed up way too late playing with it once I fixed it :slight_smile:

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(Module in the Easter egg mode)

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Thank you Pichenettes! I’m embarrassed to admit that I spent months in the easter egg without realizing it, it’s like a whole new module now haha.