Pulse 2

Just bought a Waldorf Pulse 2. I’ve spend the evening poking through the presets, and to my ears, it sounds pretty good, so far!
The paraphony feature is pretty cool, in practice. I’ve managed to tweak a preset so that it pretty much recreates my favourite sound from the Poly-800, which I’ve never managed to approach on any other synth. The presets seem to cover a good range of sounds. I’m quite impressed!

Anyone interested in my original Pulse rack? I’m getting rid of it because I don’t have room for the equipment rack it used to live in.


I collect Pulse racks :slight_smile: and if yours is in good shape I´m interested in it.

Want to switch to collect RackAttacks?

Oh wow. Waldorf really should reissue the RackAttack as a DeskAttack desktop module with some pads and a built-in x0x sequencer.

I wonder where you guys put all those Desktop Devices, you must have a giant table everyone?
Should we resurrect the “Show a pic of your Setup” Thread?

Good thing I’m kinda camera shy…

@fcd72: Hello Frank, no I do not want to collect RackAttack´s and I have seen that listing on missbay the other day and did not understand why anyone would need/want more than 1-2 RackAttack, if any at all, I mean 5 RackAttack=60 drum voices with 2 osc´s, maybe for dolby 5.1 mix LOL, one for each channel.

So far I have 2 tables, each 1.5 x 0.8m, there I mount a setup for what I think I want to work with, when I´m getting out of inspiration or something gets boring I put back everything into the shelves.
“Keyboardsynths” are stored in those shelves as well, they are 4 x 2.50 x 0.6m and not full, still…

Why not buy 2 more tables + more keyboard-stands and setup everything together?
I thought about that and came to the conclusion that this is boring from the very beginning, uninspiring and leads to monotonic ways to play music. Or not to play / start playing at all, it gets distracting, similar to work with a computer setup, unless VSTHost from Hermann Seib, this I use sometimes for a quick musical fix :smiley:

@Jojjelito: Also I thing that I´m very camera shy… but you are both welcome to visit me…if you wanted to.

I dont understand the “any at all” part :wink: IMHO its the best Hardware translation of a Plugin ever….

Bring the popcorn!

One or maybe two would be nice, maybe with a Kawai XD-5 on the side. Anything above that is a little bizarre. This time Baby, I’ll be bulletproof.

My Rackable Rhythm Section is RackAttack, EMU ProCussion, Alesis D4, Pulse, Shruthi RackMount SMR 4, a Behringer Ramicer and a FMR RNC1773 :wink:

@fcd72 Actually, yes. I put all my stuff on a table when I make music and I put it back in the closet when I’m done.

@fcd72 “any at all” -> Sound-wise it is very “fertile”, but to edit up to 12 “slots” from that matrix is nothing for me, it would be more for me if it had at least a single button for each line.
OK, I´ll see if I get one now on *issbay :smiley: - just did 99 “fast-bids” accessing eday.de from eday.com so it went up to 113 bids LOL - but its not worth more than 200 euronen for me.
Not going to collect them either…