Pulled the trigger on a 4PM

So i finally decided to pull the trigger on a pcb and fully loaded chip set, thanks to everyone that had 2 cents on the topic kit vs sourcing parts. So i guess im kinda wondering if i need help should i post on here or will it come with enough info to probable know how to assemble. Also if anyone have made a 4PM filter before anything throw you off at all where did you source parts, And last should i just deal with the recommended parts suppliers or would fry’s (im in usa, california) electronics be able to cover most of it? thanks in advance and any and all help would be appreciated, probable will be making a post on the progress as it comes along.

Ehrm right, I guess a combination of congratulations and “a stern talking to” are in order - Congrats on deciding, and damn for just jumping in with what looks like not too much of an idea of where you’ll land…

The info you get is all there is on the website, under the builder’s instructions for the 4PM filter… It’s not exactly a comprehensive guide , so if you haven’t built something like this before, you might want to get someone to help you…

It doesn’t look particularly though, although the SMD LED in the eye could be a bit of a bugger to get in place… Dealing with recommended suppliers is a good idea if you cannot source (and verify) components on their own, or you might end up with parts that don’t behave as expected(unlikely, but still).

Check the search box for any errors you might come across first, remember to be a bit creative with your queries if it doesn’t produce anything at first, it can be a bit moody (the good ol’ google:site seems to work quite well… )

Part list (ignore the green/blue color coding - all lines are necessary)

Assembly instructions for the control board

Assembly notes for the 4PM filter board

Most important thing to remember: during testing, put some cardboard between the two boards to prevent contacts between the parts on the filter board and the parts on the control board. Or at least, put the spacers…

thanks pichenettes, i noticed in some photos today that people had non conductive foam or cardboard underneath and made a mental note.

and v’cent i guess it was mainly like i stated earlier that i would love to have multiple shruthis and start with the kit just i honestly think that would be a luxury that i may never see. Also it helps budget wise this way i can order some parts pay check by paycheck (do mousers order first/ small bear next and what not) making it section by section. i was thinking fry’s (huge electronic’s / what ever you could want) store would have most if not all of the parts but i will just order them to make it easier on my self for sorting, also everyone here seems very helpful and i plan to kinda keep updating this with progress for info and help so i think i can handle it. Thanks alot you two and if anyone has any advice for this filter board its appreciated

If you want to have it as cheap at possible try to order most at one place, and i suggest mouser because they are pretty cheap and you get free shipping over a certain amount. You could maybe go cheaper by finding good deals with chinese ebay parts wich have free shipping. I don’t know fry’s but around here local electronics shops don’t have the specific parts and tend to be 2x or 3x more expensive then buying online. By buying in several stashes you will increase your shipping your shipping costs a lot. For some parts i have to pay more shipping costs then the actual part value.

@shiftr: unfortunately this addresses most buys of small electronic parts.
Pro Mouser: they really have the most of the stuff at a reasonable price.
Contra Mouser: mostly they add those ridiculous 20 € fee for their parts available in the UK/US if you’re the unlucky guy outside those. And sometimes when you complete your order, parts are suddenly unavailable for for weeks, even though everything was fine before you placed your order, so the ERP they use seems to be erratic. This happened now 3 times to me in the last 4 months and is quite annoying…

I personally wouldn’t get anything at a place like Fry’s. TVs and toasters, maybe, but shift register chips and resistor networks aren’t really their cup of tea. Shiftr us right, it’ll be expensive and you won’t find everything there, I can guarantee it. Since you’re in USA, like me, you’d be best off saving up and ordering everything from Mouser and/or Digikey.

Take your time when ordering and building. Reading parts catalogs and datasheets is a bit daunting when it’s unfamiliar. For example, for Shruthi, SOIP is not what you want, DIP is. If those are new terms, (as they were to me a few years ago) make sure you familiarize yourself before you pay and most of all wait to get your parts just to find that you accidentally ordered the wrong thing. I am sure everyone here has that dreaded wrong part syndrome even after having experience.

The pile of mistakenly ordered parts is getting bigger and bigger… Last mistake was i bought wide 28 pin ic sockets for the Ambika voicecards…

You and me both, bro… My solution was to snip away the parts connecting the connector rows. You have to pay attention that the connectors are soldered straight because they tend to tip, but if you manage that it’s functionally 100% OK.

By now i’ve bought a stash of 28 pin 0,3 inch dip sockets to last me i long time :wink: … I hope someone will design something interesting using 28 pins 0,6 inch sockets. Or i’ll cut them up for something else. Isn’t there a thread yet? "Parts i’ve accidentally bought"
Also all the sites like mouser and farnell remember your shopping lists… And i also use the shopping baskets as a sort of bookmark list. So sometimes i forget that some things were still in there from browsing parts. And i end up with these things in the mail… but it’s nice having an assortment of parts anyway.

I do not know about Fry’s specifically, but the problem with these shops who make maybe 1% of their revenue from selling electronic parts is that they often do not really know what they sell… You’ll see a bin of 100pF capacitors but won’t know what tolerance/dielectric they will be; and there’s a good chance it’ll contain a mix of different parts they bought from a broker.

I had a look at Fry’s website

$1 for a ceramic capacitor - no datasheet, no specs, not even leads spacing.

I recommend you to give Mouser a try…

Have a look at my posts I have built 2 of them. I would recommend ordering from Mouser or Digikey. I went halves on a Digikey order with someone, not sure if they do free postage though, Mouser do free post if you spend enough even to the UK!

For the Canadians in the group, Digikey only ships via the courier companies, and those companies generally charge ridiculous amounts for brokering cross-border shipments. Mouser seems to be the only practical choice.

yeah i was looking into mousers they seem to be the best option with having a parts number and everything. fry’s employees dont ever know what they are talking about i was making a fuzz that needed ac 128’s and the guy was just like we carry nte get an nte 128 you will be fine. so i did and got home and found out i needed a 158 threw looking at the sheets. well anyways i appreciate the help guys board should be shipped some time in the week (ordered before sunday >.<) and hope to start with what ever i can will keep updates.