PT-8 Panel layout

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I used smrl’s ponoko design to do a panel layout for a Pactec PT-8.

I was going to see if Julian over at the Midibox forums would be interested in cutting a custom panel. But, since he’s both swamped with Midibox Seq panels and in the UK (subject to the Icelandic Volcano Gods), I was going to get some help from the people here in refining the layout.

1. I’m sure the size of the panel screws in the corner that attach the front panel to the case are not the right size. Does anyone know the height and width of the screws? I’m having trouble inputting radius in Illustrator.

2. Underneath the holes for the volumes, there are a second set of smaller holes that I’m unsure of the purpose. What are these holes for?

Thanks for your help.

2. Those are for the alpha pots. If you look at them they’ve got a small nub poking up, to keep the pots from rotating. Keep in mind that where you put those holes will determine where the terminals of the pot will wind up. Make sure you’ve got clearance!

I’m going to use this design to get some nice panels cut from ponoko. has anyone actually used these?

would love to see what they look like cut.

I’m still trying to get them cut. The guy wants FPDs and I’m having trouble figuring out how to convert my Illustrator files to FPDs.

BTS: You cannot convert illustrator to FPD. I did a rough panel for the Shurti already but it still needs some work: Front Panel.

Front panel express does gorgeous work. I did my x0xb0x case there, here are the results:

So you have worked with front panel express already… did you use the editor they provide? Is there some way to have a ruler or any kind of reference instrument inside it… or how to you do the placement of the holes?

rumplefilter: Ctrl-G turns on the grid and you set the divisions in settings. I dont use the grid at all and just place everything based on absolute coordinates from the reference point (the blue circle). The easy way to do this is to make the panel the size of the PCB and then go into eagle and get the x-y location of all the parts from the same reference point there. Once you have the hole layouts, just group them and make the panel into whatever size you want. I also make heavy use of the “move” and “apply action to copy” commands which allow you to place an object on a relative or absolute grid. So I just have to make a hole and then when I move it, it creates a copy relative to itself or the absolute grid

I’m actually considering making a case like my x0x for the shurti…

thanks a lot for the tips!

beautiful stuff.

Beautiful work altitude - saw the other pix on the adafruit site too. But the price… ouch! Pactec is closer to my price range… :wink:

I can vouch for FPE as well.
They did a great job on my MBSID:

(I’ve probably posted this link before. My bad if I did.)

yeah, they are not cheap. That case was $227 from FPE. I’ll see what I can do for the shurti since it will be significantly smaller and I need to learn how to work with HPGL objects anyway which lowers the price also. The sides are very cheap however. I have also just bought a case and sent them the panel from that case to machine (my mb808 was done like that). That can drastically lower the price, the mb808 was $30 for the case and $100 for all the machining

Just got an email from FPE about the 4.01 version and it looks like they finally fixed the postscript scale bug

Hi everyone,

I was interested in trying out … well, this, exactly!

@BTS/anyone else: did you get any further with the design at top / try it out?

I’m going to try to get on a lasercutter locally this week. Advantage: I can test in this order:

  1. paper (the inkjet printer method, to make sure we’re in the ballpark)
  2. paper + lasercutter
    [adjust as needed]
  3. proper material (we have ample access to supplies here in NYC)

I’m hoping to do this by Monday, though if I fail, it’ll be when I’m back in the US second week of June.

Curious if anyone had gotten further with the design. May I modify your work, and try to fix these outstanding issues? Is there a newer version on which I should base such an experiment?

I was also going to try adding an IR range sensor, as that seems an easy way to augment input.

If I do make it work, then you can order faceplates with confidence. :slight_smile:


I’m familiar with the software, but I haven’t tried it before; I can see if there’s an import workflow. Plenty of lasercutter folks can deal with other formats, though, if you don’t absolutely need to go through them.

I’m also interested in a PT-8 panel. One thought I had re: BTS’s original posted image: I wonder if the labels for the LED’s might be better coming out at an angle, originating at the led and then going up and to the right at say a 45 degree angle? Vertically up and down the way they are now, it might make them tough to easily read?

that sounds good dan. i was planing to have a bash at editing it myself. so much on, so little time :slight_smile:

Dan - yeah, sounds like a good idea. Well, we can see who gets around to editing it. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how it goes.

Any other comments?

Also, while the PT-8 is nice, I wonder if there’s something similar from them but more compact? Going to be quite a bit of empty space in there, I’d wager.

my pt-8 arrived, so i’m officially going down this route…

building the shruti tommorow!

@Peter, just holding the pt-8 in my hands, it’s actually quite compact. i think it’ll be totally swish with a nice faceplate…