PSU question


So I got my Shruthi kit for christmas (along with a VPC vibrati punk console from lushprojects because I haven’t done any soldering for a few years and could use the practise) and I just have a quick question about the power supply. . .

Basically, my question is:

will this PSU work with the Shruthi? From what I’ve already read on here, I’m pretty sure it will but I don’t want to get stuck in only to find out I need to buy another PSU before I can test that it all works etc.

As said, I haven’t done anything like this for a few years, not since I left school, so my understanding of electronics isn’t that great at the moment, but I hope to learn more over the coming year and start some other DIY projects.


If it is a jack connector, no. It has to be a barrel connector. Also, these type of psu’s, unless regulated, will output a different voltage than what’s selected. Be sure to meter before to make sure it’s between 7-12vdc. Also it has to output a minimum of 300mA

but other than that, your settings are correct.

Maybe you start with the 4,5 V Setting for security and raise the voltage until the Shruthi works reliable.

Thanks for the replies!

It does have an output of 300mA and it has an assortment of different connectors.

@fcd72 I think that’s a good idea, I’ll probably do that.

If I have any problems I’ll buy a new one, I just don’t want to buy one for now if this one will work okay

You will end up with a whole swarm of these anyway…

Yeah haha. I do need to get some more sooner or later for another synth and drum machine I have, but I’m going skiing in a week so they’ll have to wait until I get back