PSU Known Secret?

Not being a guitarisist , I was not aware of these, ideal for any mutaholic. I pick mine up tomorrow.
Soundlab 6 way

1. doesn’t say anything about what current it can deliver
2. tip negative

@rosch yeah i saw the tip negative.

sack that idea, my guitarisist misinformed it only has 450mA total 6x75mA
I like the box though…and the idea… Thomann do an expensive one…

tip negative means it’s not compatible with the Shruthi. unless you mod your cable.

that was the plan but the output is now known to be way too low …

I use a 1-Spot with a multi tap cable. It’s all center negative, but they make a polarity reversal adapter that I put before the multi tap cable so all taps become center postive. I’m currently using one to power a shruthi, a midipal and an Anushri. I believe they are 1700ma.

Also, voodoo labs has one that is coming out or is out that’s 2 amps (I think) an has 4 center neg and for center pos.

i bought some from matoz
they have juice enough to power a few. perfect if you like to put 3 in one rack case with just 1 supply (like i plan to do it)

that is an excellent product just what I need
cheers for the heads up gentlemen.

Yep, i will buy this too, really perfect for shruthi’sssss