Protected Boundaries

A new space unfolded this afternoon.

A procession of robed and hooded acolytes from the temple walk the same path endlessly around the boundary, casting their protective song, played on arcane bone, metal and wood.

The song has been walked and played for so long that their footsteps have worn thin the spaces that lie outside of their route.

Birds, Cicadas, A washing machine, running water, wind chimes and a couple of thunderstorms.

Radiomusic to a mult x4

Each of those to a channel of Blinds and then out to a pair of Rings (one in standard resonator mode but at the metallic end of things, the other in the more noisy inharmonic mode) Ripples and uVCF.

Pam’s random voltage is selecting the sample for playback and each of the 4 channels of blinds is being CV’d by randomly skipping sine wave LFOs.

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Ah– back then i even forgot to reply.

That piece is awesome.
Love the pace.

Also in general really appreciate you not only sharing some patch notes but also your conceptual ideas with it.

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Thanks so much for listening, it often feels like a bit of a wilderness out there.