Proposed Anushri mods (all in 1 instrument focus)

Now my ambika is no longer naked, my family is complete :smiley: And its time to get into the real DIY stuff…
Im thinking of getting a second anushri; my one is rack mount and id love one as a desktop unit to tinker with and take places. That got me to thinking how it could be modded with an “all in 1” focus. I know it was designed to be a desktop machine integrated in a setup, but with a few add ons, im hoping to get my 2nd anushri to be able to be played alone as a more complete instrument.

My main mod/addition im thinking of is building an Analog Four style pushbutton keyboard underneath the knobs to enter notes into the sequencer. This doesn’t seem unrealistic… there are premade kits/boards for accepting switch input and spitting out midi data. etc
With a custom made case all that would be required is an extra few cm at the bottom. Can anyone see why this wouldn’t work? Obviously its much easier to use a keyboard if its integrated in your setup… but for small portable jams, the ability to sequence notes standalone seems cool.

On top of this im thinking a small, simple DIY filter for routing the drums through. One of my favourite ways to use the anushri is to plug the drum outs through the filter and then tweak away, but this requires keeping the gate open and turning off the osc. A separate filter for the drums would be great in my mind! Would skip modulation capabilities to begin with… just cutoff/res/mode switch.
Then I would probably need a small mixer to mix drums/synth volume. Maybe implemented like the one pot balance knob in the drum engine?

Im also looking into a variable fuzz mod as well.

This is early ‘brainstorming’ stage, im probably gonna tackle this around july/august. The anusrhi is an amazing beast… easily my most loved bit of gear out of my mutable family, my small modular and minibrute. But I find myself interfacing it with other gear for rather mundane things to get the most out of it (the way i use it) ie patching a high signal into the gate to open it and filter the drums.

I guess I have put this thread here to chronicle it as I go, get ideas on what mods others have done, and just get ideas in general.
What small things could you see added to the anusrhi to make it more a ‘stand alone’ playable instrument? Im not interested in extra VCOs modulation etc. I think that has all been implemented perfectly and im not wanting more complexity, just playability.

Hope that made sense! Throw some ideas out! This may turn out completely unfeasible but its in the name of diy fun :wink:

EDIT: Another idea… The pushbutton keyboard could also be used to tweak hidden drum parameters. Each note corresponds to a drum parameter BD decay, pitch etc. Hold the button for the parameter you want and turn a universal pot to tweak that parameter. For example if C button is held, send value of scanned pot to CC16 (BD pitch). When C# held, send tweaked value to CC17 (BD pitch decay) etc Obviously some custom code would need to be written for this midi controller but im sure with a bit of experimentation I could figure that out!

Hey your idea sounds like fun and just what I was thinking that Anushri is great at but could get even better (mine is the standard desktop version).

The filter idea could easily be implemented with standard MI gear: get the drums out plug to a Sidekick with whatever filter you would like to use (say a 2pole+delay would sound great) and stick everything in a box together with the keyboard idea and voila you have an “Anushri Performer Edition”

You could even retain the external plugs of the filter so you could patch the synth section into it if desired (and stick a switch to disconnect the drums from it). Or retain all the external plugs and patch everything like a mini-modular.

You could even make the sidekick face sideways, so as to make a case independent of the Anushri standard desktop case, but in the same style and to fit next to it.

Just some ideas I had while reading your post!

I hade the same idea too…the MC202 Anushri :slight_smile:
It should be easy to do with an arduino. The nicest way would be to have the MCU do some keyscanning itself… You would then have to modify the code. And i don’t know if there is room left on the MCU for it.

How about a dual-anushri?

One just Synth and keyscan and the other doing Drums in higher-res and filtering? A dual MCU setup.

Both in the same enclosure and united by keys.

Dual anushri??! Crazy… You’re a mad man! Reflecting upon my proposed mods, they aren’t actually mods or hacks. Just discrete things I can test on their own, squeezed within a case.
I’m thinking franks uMC board first mentioned in the anushri programmer thread would do for midi control. I’ve sent him an email :wink:
At the moment I’m tentatively thinking an octave of keys and an push encoder for input.
Sequencer input/note mode the encoder would be an octave shift. This would obviously require visual led feedback and some coding.
Press the encoder, and we’re in drum tweak mode. Here, as mentioned earlier, press a note corresponding to a drum parameter and tweak the encoder to adjust the parameter.

I think an extra filter is required (for MY perfect instrument, ymmv). It hadnt occurred to me to use an existing MI design! But it would not be feasible to use existing filter boards in manual control… Too big, too tricky, not worth the effort. I’d rather perfboard a DIY filter myself. Maybe even a polivoks mmmm! Again, modulation would not be included for this filter, or this will get too complicated. Likely just 3.5mm cutoff input, to be used with external modulation gear if needed.

Crazy thought I had… What about a microgranny granular sampler as a 3rd voice?!
Basic architecture
3 sound engines: synth, drum, arduino granular sampler
2 filters: anushri with all it’s built in modulation, and a new 2nd filter

The synth voice defaults though the built in filter, the drums and granular patchable between 1 anushri filter, 2 ext filter, 3 no filter.
Mixing could be done simply, with the granular sampler patched into the ext in, and taking the place of the DCO, or we’d need a 3 channel mixer. I’d prefer a 3 channel mixer :smiley:

Again just spitballing!
I’m totally ok with doing away with a lot of the default 3.5 jacks, to put my own 2nd filter patch points in etc to save space. Pw in, vca in, vco in/out etc are great when interfacing with my modular gear, but if I was modding to be a standalone instrument these could easily be omitted.

Hello, that is what I am/was talking about.
plus or minus
suggestions for a double_a black quadrangles shall be x-y-pads

Or what I am thinking of right now,
some weeks later,
something like 1 pimped anushri or anushri XL,
like that,

On the top the anushri,
below left controller-unit developed by d.machinery,
and on the right side a Koma-Kommander
a kind-of double D-Beam-Controller,
that works like magic with the anushri !
But that is optically a mess and besides the Kommander might be better
let alone for better use.
So right now I need to convince that d.machinery- man to get along
with his Exfilinator.
To make that a round thang.

Hey Strangenoize your dream, your choice!

I like where you are heading, and trying to keep it simple.

I love your first “keyboard” style better. And I love the sampler addition as a third voice.

Keep on planning and update this thread with your interesting ramblings.

Now a double Anushri…I will mull that a bit in my head. It would require firmware hacking to make the drums higher-res, and make the other do the keyscanning. Would make the case unified double wide and have about 2 octaves of keys…