Proposal: renaming/remapping "cc C"/"cc D" modulation sources

Tracing back the history of these features, they appeared at a time the Shruthi could only be edited through NRPN. They allowed some kind of assignable, per-patch CC control. I don’t think they are used very often… but could be reused for something more straightforward.

My proposal is to:

  • rename “cc C” as “breath” and assign it the CC number 2 (formerly 18)
  • rename “cc D” as “pedal” and assign it the CC number 4 (formerly 19)
  • remove the hardwired mapping of CC2 to cutoff

SysEx update file attached (compatible with the old bootloader so that everybody will be able to “upgrade”).

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Cool, this still leaves 2 CCs to use in the mod matrix. I use the CCs A-D for controlling multiple parameters in complementary ways from the mod matrix. Is there a better way to do this in version 1.0? I am still running .97 because I like it. :slight_smile:

Configure your controller to send CC 2 instead of 18, and CC 4 instead of 19 and you’re good to go!

Good point, I will have to write a sticky note so I remember. This also explains why some of my MIDI controllers, mostly KORG ones, could control Shruthi cutoff without me routing anything. They were sending CC2. Seems obvious now that you say it, haha.

This is exactly what I needed, thanks - will check it out today.

OK checked it out - great, thanks. This makes the synth much more usable for me. Only thing is modulation slot 12 doesn’t do anything ( I haven’t checked back with an earlier firmware because I seem to have difficulty loading in - it only works about every 5 or 10 times). I can’t get mod slot 12 to respond to anything, doesn’t matter what source or destination I choose.

@ronaldroy: That one is special. It is multiplied by the mod wheel. You need to turn it up. It is useful for routing a variable amplitude LFO to an oscillator for example. It would be like using an OP to do LFO1 prd mwheel.

Im yet to fully explore the new stuff in v1.0, but I can at least confirm that the build posted here works on old Shruthi’s with old bootloaders.
The previous build posted elsewhere wouldn’t install on 3 (out of 6) of mine.
Now to play :slight_smile:

@audiohoarder: thanks - maybe I should RTFM :slight_smile:

I was diving in the seqmix feature tonight and discovered value “1” actually triggers OSC2 and value “2” triggers OSC1.

Indeed. I checked the code and I think there’s a reason for that related to the way the other fancy mixing modes (2steps & co) work.