Proposal: new MIDIpal app

Great new feature

Is this firmware with the 101 style seq or the original? Any chance of a firmware with both the sequencers, I like them for different things. I don’t mind losing the ear app or the new one for both seq styles.

No chance of having a firmware with both sequencers for EEPROM space reasons.

I’ll provide builds covering various combinations of apps soon.

Will there be a Buchtyesque™ way of scrambling your own firmware (or at least a UI that fakes this)


Sounds good!

Does the .syx file above replace just the ear training app or is it a completely new code base with the ear training app ripped out and this placed in?

EMWhite, what are the differences between your two options?

This is a firmware with the ear training app replaced by this new app.

Want two sequencers? here’s an idea, buy another MIDIPal :slight_smile:

The "Best Idea of the Day"Award goes to 6581punk!

You answered my quesiton but the diff between my two options were:

1. Perhaps the sysex code was ONLY the new app and replaced the currently loaded app if pushed in much in the same way as the Moog Little Phatty accepts the transmitted SysEx stream, overwriting the current preset.

or 2. It’s a new/full code base with the app replaced as you said.

Thank you.

its 2)
for 1) the midipal firmware would have to be some sort of interpreter - hardly feasible

The MIDIpal only has one firmware, even if it looks like it has multiple “apps”.

In order to install the new app, do I need to keep the encoder pressed while powering on the MIDIpal or can I just power on normally and then send the sysex file?

You need to keep the encoder press at boot, this is a firmware update.

Is there any chance - for a software editor, that will allow the user to choose the apps and which order, then it compiles them into a custom firmware? Something easy for non techie types. I would definitely pay for such an editor. Also I do not mind paying for new apps too, so in effect like a kind of app store, I think it would widen the appeal of the midipal too. I plan on getting at least one more to use for mundane tasks and possibly a couple more for creative tasks.

Probably the editor would need some checking device so that the memory is not exceeded?

I’ll provide pre-built firmware files with all relevant combinations of apps.

Well this is great news! The midipal is such a great device that it means one is not enough, like a Victorinox Swiss Army knife for midi :slight_smile:

Perhaps we’ll see a beefier MIDIPal at some point in the future?

But there’s a lot of other things to do before then, Ambika public release etc.