Proposal: new MIDIpal app

I have coded a fun MIDIpal app and I’d like to have your opinion about it. In terms of size/memory, it would be a good replacement for the “ear training game” app which is, to my opinion, less useful.

What it does is generate a slow arpeggio/sequence imitating classic indian tampura (tambura, tanpura, whatever) pattern.

The settings are the following:

  • run: starts/stops the sequence.
  • clk: internal or external clock.
  • bpm: tempo.
  • div: note duration (1/4 for normal operation).
  • chn: output channel.
  • sa: root note (can be set from the keyboard).
  • mod: pattern, among pa (Pa sa sa Sa), ma (Ma sa sa Sa), ni (Ni sa sa Sa), sa (sa sa Sa).
  • cyc: pattern cycling (0 = starts at Sa ; 5 starts at Pa / Ma / Ni / -).

I have attached the firmware file…

No work in progress besides rewriting of the clock code to get an even better accuracy.

Amazing, so happy about this…any other midipal related tweaks in the running? see my other new post for an idea (not a big one this time I promise)

Video here

night vision mode rocks

Nice demo. Looks like a sweet program. Sounds even better.

The night vision mode plus the fact that it was the platypus who operated gives you extra credit!
The program seems very good.

Yea its definitely cool enough to ditch the ear trainer!

Next MIDIPal should have an SD card slot and then you can load different programs from the card? :slight_smile:

@6581: would be complicated - code cannot run from RAM and cannot run of the Sd card of course - it would have to be copied to flash first and then run - which would mean a very slow boot time…

Unless the program is written as bytecode running in RAM, with just an interpreter in flash… won’t do that :slight_smile:

I don’t really know the architecture that well. But what you say makes perfect sense.

The only other way is an ATMega on a plugin board, pricey :slight_smile:

Tanpura looks promising and sounds like an excellent replacement for the ear training game. If I upload the firmware to my MidiPal, is it going to replace all of the current apps with just Tanpura or will it only replace the ear training game app (I would like to retain the other apps)?

It will just replace the ear training app.

Sequence-generating app definitely wins over ear-training thing. Agree with replacement!

+1 sounds like fun!

Anything new and different is good. +1.

And if people REALLY want the ear training app, they can get the old firmware and load it.

tried this out last night. nice little app. jumping around keys is a fun way to generate little melodies.

a nice replacement imo. so i’ll wait a little longer until i update firmware