Prophet VS on eb*y Germany

There is a Chroma Polaris near me that powers on and makes no sound. $450. It is tempting. Probably already sold though.

I’d get it at that price! You can get new foil/Mylar front panels - mine looked all new, really minty out of the box because the front panel foil had been replaced. The Polaris can sound really up front/raw/rock-n-roll if it feels like it. Or sorta refined, really soft polyphonic analog since it’s a true VCO/VCF voice architecture…

Totally worth having a good keyboard tech have a look at it.

I just sent an offer…we’ll see. It’s a couple hours away. I’m off work on Friday though.

Oh yeah, it’s Easter! Yay, we get Monday off too round here. 4 day weekend y’all! Just sayin’! Imma gonna go make some gawdawful noises. “In Sweden we call this Music!”

I was making some "gawdawfu"l sounds on the modular last night. I was mainly focusing on the Waverlider and Tides. I have just been really uninspired lately and have been making crap. It’s still fun to patch and twist, but I am just not getting anything good lately.

Nobody expects a Modular to sound nice :wink:

Yeah I know…

Actually it started to sound better once I made things nastier and added some noisy/filtered/delayed hi-hats.

I never mentioned it, but I picked up a Lexicon mx200 for cheap based on the good things I read here and elsewhere. It sounds really nice. The seller threw in a free JL Cooper 8x8 midi patch bay as well. :slight_smile: The reverb is much nicer than the Behringer pedal I was using and definately better than the on-board reverb of my Behringer mixer.

What did you expect when one of the famous Reverb Manufacturers dedicate a whole Unit to just Reverb versus a 35€ Pedal from B. ??

I guess almost anything would and should sound better…

To futher derail…I talked to the Chroma Polaris owner. It is in good condition and been in a nice dry storage location for about 5 years. It worked when it went into storage. So perhaps it has a battery issue or needs a reset. It comes with a buch of asscecories and a case. I think I might go for it. He is supposed to call me back.

and another one: item no. 191133275654

Go for the Polaris! It’s a fine synth, OK so it’s not the pad powerhouse that the VS is, but it’s a bit like a smoother, more upfront Juno 60. It does mean leads, basses and all that silky analog stuff.

Saw that mr Firechild got himself a VS. We should form a secret society, with weird handshakes, rituals and high-paying jobs and other weird favors for teh membas…

Myself: I scored a yellow Waldorf Q rack today. It looked minty fresh!

Congrats to your new toy. Im still looking for a decent yellow keyboarded Q for a fair price. Meanwhile theres a MicroQ Keyboard in the Mail :wink: Q is the way to go if you have enough Microwaves i guess….

Q: Why do you have so many Synths?
A: I don’t like MultiMode.

@fcd72: Keyboard Qs seem so expensive, at least when looking at Evilbay prices! I paid a fair market price of 5500 SEK (600€) for the Q rack. Add a Q card from Thomann and a couple of sound sets for teh lulz. And a yellow OLED…

Q: Why do you have so many synths?
A: MultiTimbral stuff is for wimps. I use each of my synths for its best sounds! Or something…

I’m kinda synth complete now. Well, mebbe a Möøg and a Nörd, but there’s no stress. On to modular, outboard and DIY Nirvana!

You should add a DIY mega Q card instead (it’s actually just a Microchip 24LC256 IIC memory, see the MIDIbox bankstick concept)!

Yup, I saw how to put together and initialize the IIC memory, but being lazy I figured I should at least get a ready-made card and just format it, or get the Q Card as is before I get to experiment. Or… It bears thinking about it now!

The tricky thing seems to be the formatting… said to be only doable with a Q+ keyboard. But hey, maybe the Q keyboard does this as well? Also, Reichelt have these cards (search for CHIPKARTE 32KB) for €2,30.

Oh boy…it’s happening. Spending a ton of money on a non-working Chroma Polaris tomorrow. I really hope this works out…

welcome to my World Oh, and to jojjelitos as well….

@sammy123: Welcome to the life of a Gearslut! Be prepared for a few “interesting” surprises along the road, plus the realization that you may have to acquire a bit of an understanding of basic synth hardware plus some service skills. Nothing hairy, just being able to clean and reseat keyboards, changing back-up batteries, faulty displays and such :slight_smile: After that, it’s a breeze!

I’ll gladly help you troubleshoot the Polaris via PM/email, plus the existing Yahoo group/mailing list is very good too. I’ll look up some references once I unpack my MBP and fire up Thunderchicken for my archived mail stuff tomorrow… Shoot me a PM, being old like me makes me need lotsa friendly reminders. /Confused and 40 plus going downhill, fast :wink: