Prophet VS on eb*y Germany

item number 200995514825

I am in no way affiliated with the seller, but there are some people around here that might find this interesting. Ending in about five hours.

Frank, buy this and have a 2nd VS! I have spare data sliders that fit :smiley: Got those at Digi-Key a while back Justin Case

Im in with a decent amount….

Aww yeah!
I can document the data slider fix on my Flickr later on, plus how the OLED got in there and my LED experimentation. With some luck I’ll even have some CEM5530 replacement fodder kinda soon. I ought to recap the poor thing, or toss the PSU in favor on some MeanWell/modernization.

These beasts deserve some TLC, then they might last forever. Da ever ever?

If my VS would terminally die id be in deep trouble explaining the cemetery management why i need a place there without a death certificate….

Fear not, I have enough parts and stuff on hand to keep these things going…
Wonder if it would be possible to change the switches to Digitast? I could even bring myself to make a new CS PCB for those.

New project from Stockholm, known as the PVS? :wink:

One day maybe… There’s enough backlog to last quite some time :wink:

1320 EUR. And is anyone of you the new owner?

Aaaammm - not really, i guess.


What would be a reasonable price for a good condition VS anyway?

1700.- € for a good condition where good means technically good and from a trustworthy seller, not necessarily cosmetically….

Hm. That seems reasonably reasonable.

Be aware: i have seen beautiful VSs with nonworking Knobs, without CEMs, broken Joystic, nonworking Chorus, Crackling Jacks…. Mine looks like it has seen the world but every button is crisp, LCD Backlight bright, Joystik has new Pots, Panorama + Volume Pot new, additional (ugly) Heatsink to the back….

And be prepared - i have never seen one with working Aftertouch :wink:

I really shouldn’t, but I also really love how they can sound. :confused:

Man, you should. There are two lives - one before and one after buying a VS. As you might have noticed i have quite a bit of gear, but if i would have to let things go the last things i would keep is the the MW XT, a Shruthi and at very very last the VS. Its so good i don’t carry it around to occasional Jams because i fear it could get hurt, even if i bought it with a custom made flight case.
Go ask jojjelito if you don’t trust me :wink:

Argh! It wouldn’t even fit in my apartment so I’d have to keep it at the office…

What else could make a working day more pleasant than a few minutes of VS in-between work?

I concur! They can pry the VS from my cold dead fingers if it doesn’t become a family heirloom.

There are synths, then there’s the truly stellar stuff. Everyone should get to experience some Minimoog, MS-20, PS-3x00, 2600, CS-80, Andromeda, Kobol, Syrinx, Jupiter 4/6/8, JD-990/800, Prophet 5, Synthex, OB-8, PPG, Waldorf Wave/uWave 1/2/XT, SQ-80, Chroma/Polaris and Prophet VS. Those, and a few others I’ve forgotten stand in a league apart.

There are pads, then there’s Roland JD pads. Then there’s Prophet VS - that machine is outstanding.