Promo Cards


i see there do exist beautiful MI gift cards like the 4-Pole Mission Shruthi drawing showing a wolf with serpent tongue in some kind of antarctic base; or a woman playing some strange electric guitar, or a motherboard…

Is it possible to see/get them somewhere ? I’m in France. I would decorate my synth corner and maybe use some live too. I suppose they were sent with orders, but would you sell some ? Thank you.

Ravi Varma’s Kadambari - you’ll find many high-res images online (and no I don’t own the original)

I think there was a natural history painting of a Platypus too. John Lewin’s probably.

The “motherboard” was a reference photo of an assembled circuit board - to make sure you soldered everything correctly!

There was nothing special about the images, you can print them yourself at a photo printing kiosk (just like I did).

and the 4PM wolf ? i found this link :

strange ?

Yes, that’s the one!

strange ?

not strange at all, since I made those :slight_smile:

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is the husky with the alien tentacles the dog from Carpenter’s The Thing ? Who draw this ?
And why is it presented like a movie, with a whole generic of (fictious ?) names beneath ?

I did

It’s a homage to Carpenter’s The Thing yes

It’s presented as a movie because we thought it was fun, and actually it was fun! :smiley:
A lot of time has passed and in all honesty, I can’t remember where all those names came from.

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Oh and btw. there’s also the one we had made for the Yellow Magic Shruthi here:

very intriguing, beautiful and inspiring. I got the yellow magic two days ago. I had seen those drawings on bags. Bravo