Programmer controlling filter special parameters?

Are you able to control parameters with programmer, what are located in filter page (S2) second menu?
In DigitalFX filter- Mod fx. pr1 and pr2
In LP" board- Tim lev fdb eq.
and so on.

The Programmer that directly attaches to the Shruthi can’t do this. If they are exposed as CC or NRPN you might give some MIDI Controller a try.

Can someone tell me what’s the MIDI CC for those parameters?


Here from the Manual - before you ask; whats not in this list can’t be controlled.

Yes Sir, first of all I’m reading the manual.
I didn’t found the parameters from there and now You gave me the answer.
Whats not in this list can’t be controlled, so hope to see midi CC for those parameters in new firmware.
Thank You for help.

NRPN gives you access to more parameters than CC does

I don’t think that the filter parameters will show up in firmware as theres only limited space left and probably something else would have to go. How about these Oscidings? They seem to eat up a lot of Space/CPU…