Programmer choice?

Hey, I find myself in need of an AVR programmer, since i want to get into the more serious circuit stuff, and while i like the Arduino, i dont want to be restricted to using just Arduino devices+loosing a ton of space due to bootlader+rom+wierd programming language.
I need a programmer thats capable of programming as many of the Atmel chips as possible, since im thinking of going the SMD route later on :slight_smile:
So my question is this : Which Win 7 x64 compatible programmer would you recommend ?
So far ive found these two as likely candidates :
STK500 :
& ISP2 :
The reason for digikey is that they calculate tax etc into the price already, and i therefore save ~150danish kroner //20€
Freeship if ordering for more than 485DKK isnt bad either :wink:

Anyways, any reccomendations as to favorite programmers?
Note : The reason for the non clickable links is that Textile kinda ruined my links, they all pointed to Digikey search page if i enabled textile…-Sorry for that

the tinyisp for 30 bux from ladyada is pretty good.

i use the adafruit USBtiny. Cheap and works great although some ppl have problems using it under 7 64bit (I dont), I used this for my self sourced shruthi

I have the AVRISP mkII, works great!

i have the USBtiny from adafruit too. did the Shruti firmware with it (with avrdude)
and will try it on the Shruthi-1 soon

The problem with the adafruit ones is that i pay a premium for shipping & handling+taxes on top of that, which makes pretty much anything that digikey has a cheaper alternative… Adafruit is awesome if youre in the US though :S
Guess ill go with the AVRISP II then, and load up extra stuff on the order untill i hit 485DKK ^^
Cant find the difference to the STK 500, except that the STK has sockets on board already ^^

i just buy (30 sec ago) the AVRISP mkII and some mcu with it :))))))) yeah yeah yeahhhhhhhhhh

well i’m in germany and the USBtiny arrived without taxes or other problems. but the shipment didn’t include anything else, maybe that’s the reason. more info on digikey here:

Seems wierd, so far everything ive heard about digi is the fact that they do the customs brokerage, and that if you for some reason get charged you merely have to mail them to get it refunded :confused:

i’m sorry i can’t even speak from own experience here as i haven’t ordered from digikey yet.

Guess ill have to ask them personally then ^^

I’ve got mine and some 168, 328 and 644 mcu yiahhhhhhh i will try to blink a LED in C toonight…

Just to clarify for anyone looking for the same answer -
My mailings with digikey international cam to the following conclusion :
"Dear Vincent —,

Thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question: Depending on the currency type you choose the outcome will go as listed below:

Using Euro or Krone: All duties will be paid by Digi-Key and VAT will be due at the time of delivery.

Using USD: All duties and taxes will be the responsibility of the customer.

Unless you see these fees itemized on your order, based on the currency type you choose, you could expect to add the fees in addition to your order total. When your order ships an invoice will be emailed to you if you provide an email address along with your order.

In other words - Digikey dosnt truly pay for anything, and you will STILL have to pay taxes when whatever you ordered arrives… If you live in DK you will also have to pay the 150DKK handling fee once you get whatever you ordered… Digikey = NoGo
I guess I’ll be getting my AVRISP mkII from Mouser then, they prepay everything, not just the cheap stuff .

Generally WinAVR seems to be preffered, as for hardware - whatever works ^^
Im personally going with the official programmer since it looks a lot sturdier than the loose board programmers, and since i know it will work, always - and if it dosnt i know whom to kick in the … sack… :wink:

I use a bus pirate with stk500mkII firmware on it, works great and is useful in many other ways!

Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh i build myself my first HelloWorld C prog (Blinking LED) with AvrStudio and use it on an 168P… i’m happy :))))))

I don’t find a way to use Xcode and avrdude for the moment… But the LED is blinking mouuuuuaaahhhhhhh…

Next step: create a Shruthi’s like synth lol

Hey EATYone,
while you are at it just make it Polyphonic with Multimode, for simplicitys sake…