Program change trouble - shruthi vs circuit

hi there, im a nebwie with all of this gear and terminology so please bare with me :pray:

im trying to send program change from a novation circuit tracks to the shruthi and i have no idea. read both manuals and midi charts but i am missing something for sure.
i want a macro encoder on the circuit tracks to change the banks on my shruthi.
circuit will only send cc values, is there a way to make this work without thinking on buying something with one knob that converts cc to pc?
thanks !!

No. The Shruthi can only change presets upon receiving a program change (that’s the intent of this message after all!).

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Obviously a little firmware hack is possible:

if (controller == midi::kBankMsb) {
  current_bank_ = value;
} else if (controller == myCCNumber) {
  ProgramChange(channel, value);
} else {
  part.ControlChange(controller, value);

This reinterprets CC #myCCNumber into a program change.

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