Problems with volume & resonance (SMR4 mkI)

Recently some strange behavior appears on my shruthi (now frequently). When i power-up the shruthi in some cases i hear no sound … then, when i shake the shruthi it gets louder but without resonance … when i shake it again or i push the shruthi a little bit resonance is fully developed … i can´t say what drives this behavior … maybe a connection is faulty or some of the small metal-feets from the display interfere with the traces on the board … i have really no idea

has someone an idea


maybe disassemble it and try to narrow it down, by putting a little pressure on different components trying to find the faulty component

Would place my bet at the connector between the two boards. I had a similar problem

Yes, I have seen this a couple of time, it’s the board connector causing a weak connection between the two boards

thank you, well then i have to disassemble the baby