Problems with square wave

I have finished building my anushri sythesiser and everything is running well , other that the quare wave which , when the mixer is on square , produces a very quiete tone witch sounds similar to the saw (unsure if square is on at all and the tone is just leakage from saw)
anybody know what could be wrong?

What happens when you change the pulse width control?

When the pw is set to 3 quarters or over it is at a similar volume to the saw , however the rest of the time is is very quiet , is this normal?

No it is not normal… Have you soldered the 3.5mm jacks on the top board?

What are the voltages on each sides of R28? On each sides of R30 when the PWM pot is fully turned counter-clockwise and fully turned clockwise? And on IC10 pin 6?

i have soldered the jacks onto the top board
(i will check r28 , r30)

here are the results (Assuming that you meant ‘pw mod’ and now ‘pw’

cw pwm
r28:0v 2.4v
r30:0v 0v
ccw pwm
r28:0v 0v
r30:0v 0v
ic10 pin 6:2v

(lfo freq was set to it’s maximum to give smoother voltage)

The PW modulation pot should be pot in middle position so that there is no modulation. I want you to tweak the PW pot.

Also, are you sure about your measurements? The synth is powered by +/-5V so there’s no way any voltage within the circuit could exceed these limits.

ok ,i was taking measurements while adjusting the pw modulation (witch i assumed you meant by pwm!) , i will take reading adjusting pw with pw mod in the central position as soon as possible

cw ccw
r28 0v,0v 0v,0v
r30 6v,0v -5.9,0v
pin 6 -3.9v 3.9

Sorry for the delay , i was on holiday.

Are you sure that your meter is working? Because there’s no way you could get +/- 6V anywhere on the circuit? Which voltage do you read at the output of each regulator?

cw ccw
r28 0v,0.1v 0v,0v
r30 0v,5v 0v,5v
pin6 3.3v

both regulators ±5v

sorry , the volt meter we used to take all previous results was faulty so i have retested all points

Also , i have also noticed a faint sound (in tune with midi keyboard and only when gate is on) when the filter is closed and the oscillators should be silent , however it is only audible at around half volume

So no point above 5V in absolute value?

No , (the attached text contains the results in notepad ,hopefully they have tabulated properly here)

5v is never exceded as far as i can tell

What is the voltage on each of the 3 pins the PW pot pins? With pot CW and pot CCW.

Looks like you have a short somewhere causing the PW pot to be always at the most extreme setting.

(left to right) ccw :5.01v 5.01v , 4.99v
cw :5.01v ,4.99v ,4.99

Ok, so we have identified the problem here. The front panel pot sends a constant 5V voltage independently of its position. Why?

Set the PW pot in 12 o’clock position and check for shorts between adjacent pins of the pot. Check for a short between pin 1 and 3 of the pot too.

Do you have the same problem with the cutoff pot?