Problems With My Anushri

haha ok. Looks like a lot. ill start doing them now. Thanks a lot guys.

Just don’t reheat them, only.
Remove a bit from the old solder with your iron, then heat the joint and apply new solder (and let cool down in-between….)

A flux pen could come in handy here. Looking from the topside there seems to be a lot of joints that didn’t fill in.

ok So I have resolder everything that looked bad. Unfortunately the filter is still the same, Its still stops working at the middle position. I have a new problem now after the resolder job. Sorry ! I get this buzz that is constantly there. After going through the troubleshooting section, I found out that the sound comes from the point S and its also at point T. I check the Atmega chip as well. The sound comes directly from there, from pin 5 of the Atmega chip. Any thoughts on this ?
here’s a sound clip

I also discovered that for point L when the filter is fully open the voltage readings is 1V and with the filter closed 2.9V.
Any thoughts ?

And I just changed My V2164 IC and the 3 polystyrene capacitors to new ones today and the problem is still the same. At least we know now for sure that those 4 things are not the problem. Hope this helps…