Problems With My Anushri

Its sounds like a sudden change. The sound is completely gone.

Try measuring the voltage on point L and see if there is a discontinuity at this point when you sweep cutoff.

Hey Pichenettes, So I did the check on point L and found that the voltage goes up from 0V to 1.7V gradually, without any sudden changes. Anyways I have uploaded a sound clip of the filter. So it start’s off with the filter fully opened with out anything affecting the filter at all. I than closed the filter and open it again slowly. Hope this helps !
Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it bro.

Here’s the link to the sound link

Is the “FUZZ” switch enabled in this clip? Could you please make this downloadable?

The fuzz pot is off. If I am not mistaken the sub oscillator was on in the recording. I have made the audio file downloadable on sound cloud.

Hmmm looks like the filter doesn’t work at all. Also, you get a very squarish sound - maybe it was intended to sound like that, but it looks like there’s some clipping / distortion going on.

  • Could you please post the same sound with a sawtooth wave instead and no sub-oscillator? The simpler the sound, the easier it is for me to figure out what’s going on.
  • Have you tried probing the LP/BP/HP nodes of the filter circuit? (In case the problem is not with the filter but with the VCA…)

I have the check the lp/bp/hp and its the same the audio is gone there as well. and here’s the link to the new sound clip.


Does the resonance work? Have you been careful about the difference between the 100kA (resonance and volume) and 10kB (everything else) pots?

Yeap the resonance works and I also have been careful about the pots. I have triple check them. haha to be sure

Could you post a high res photo of the filter section? (in the area of the 2x 220pF film caps).

is this alright ?

Looks ok… And now the other side?

there you go

Ouch - this doesnt quit so nice as above - did you use leadfree solder? Ill mark some suspicious spots later tonite as i am on the road… or someone else might chime in…

No its not lead free. tin/lead 60/40 (rosin core solder)

I just asked because some of the joints look like the have oxidized or not seen enough flux…. what temperature do you solder at?

I use a 30 watt soldering iron. So I should get some lead free solder for the future ?

I see some suspicious joints too. Don’t use lead free, it’s more difficult to solder.

Some suspicious points. Hope this doesn’t prevent fcd72 from posting his findings…

Here we go:

For some of the spots its more a cosmetic thing - but i never have seen a faulty beautiful joint or vice versa ugliness is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for a fault.