Problems with Braids module

Hi, I’m trying to update my firmware and there seems to be a problem of some sort with the encoder. I’ve followed the procedure up to the point where I’m holding the encoder pressed in while powering up and I see the RDY come up but then it immediately switches to a screen that says QSYN instead. If I release the press and push it back in it will briefly showRDY again and then go back to QSYN. I’ve noticed in general that the encoder will scroll very fast - like on the page where you edit for the easter egg, the text flies by incredibly fast and I can’t edit it like I’m supposed to be able to.

I wonder if there’s a problem with my module and if so, where/how can I get it repaired? Thanks in advance for anyone’s advice/help on this topic.

You are probably feeding some signal which is not the firmware update wav file into the FM input. The audio bootloader will try to interpret this as a firmware update, realise that it isn’t valid, and display QSYN to indicate that. Clicking the encoder resets the audio bootloader so it tries again. If you are still feeding the incorrect signal into the FM input, it will just fail again immediately and QSYN will display again.

Remove all inputs from your Braids, and boot into update mode (i.e. power on with encoder depressed). It should just show RDY. Now plug your audio signal into the FM input, with the FM attenuvertor fully clockwise, but don't send any signal to it. Braids should remain onRDY. Now play the firmware update file into the FM input. Braids should recognise that it is a firmware update file being played and will count up on the display for each page of data it loads, until it is finished (somewhere around 100), and then it reboots with the new firmware running. As noted in the Braids manual, you may need to adjust input levels to get it to recognise the audio firmware update signal correctly.

nope, that does nothing. I ran the signal through my oscilloscope and i see a pattern, so I don’t think it’s got anything to do with levels. I even ran it through a VCA to try and boost it and that doesn’t do anything either. It appears for all intents that the FM jack is dead - which is weird because I haven’t done anything with this module for a long, long time - and other than the last firmware update I did (1.5 -> 1.6) I don’t think I’ve ever used the FM input on this module once!

Maybe there’s something wrong with the FM input?

Ok, weirdly enough I unplugged my power and replugged it in and now it’s working. So weird. Thanks for your help.

When the module immediately displays an error message when entering the firmware update mode, it means some noise is present on the FM input, and the most common cause of that is an overloaded power supply.

It was the PSU that I was using. I’ve got 2x PGH Move 104 cases and one Move 208 case. The Braids is in the 208 case and I had inadvertently used the 104 PSU with it, so I was underpowering the modules in the case and thereby causing the error. Once I switched the plugs around everything is fine and the FW update went off without a hitch.

Thanks everybody for your suggestions and help, sorry to have wasted your time with something so stupid.

No question is stupid bro :slight_smile: